Thursday 11th July 2013 - Married for 2554 days

About Us


NikNicola, aka Nik, aka Monkey Lady, aka Turdface (thanks Chris).

The sensible, yet fun-loving one.

Calls Chris 'winch' (like the Grinch, but for weddings).


ChrisChris, aka Stibbly, aka Senoir, aka Uncle Travelling Bernard.

Child in a man's body.

Calls Nicola 'bridezilla' and hates all things romantic or weddingy.

How we met...

Chris met Nicola in 2007, when he returned from travelling and popped his head round the Visual Effect office door to ask Martin for a job.

She thought 'blimey, he's quite nice' and thankfully he thought the same about her. A month or so later, they went on their first date - to the Pheasant at Birstall (which nearly didn't happen when Chris tried to stand Nicola up - but that's another story for another day)!!

Despite Nicola leaving a week later for a two-month stint in Zambia, Chris didn't forget about her - in fact he picked her up from Heathrow Airport on her return and listened to her waffle about her travels non-stop for six hours in the car! That's true love...

The proposal...

After five and a half years together, and many hints dropped by Nicola, Susan, Heather & Georgia, Julie, Nicky, Oli, Martin and an old lady on the bus, Chris finally popped the question on Druidstone Haven beach on Christmas Day 2012.

He presented Nicola with her 'extra christmas present' whilst she sat on a big rock next to a washed-up Beef and Tomato Pot Noodle and an old rubber glove. They celebrated with a mug of coffee from the Thermos flask.

Now who says romance is dead?